Legal Aid

The absence of a comprehensive law regulating restitution is a major problem – for those seeking to recover nationalized property as well as state institutions.

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JGBS Biernat & Partners provide full support to claimants in restitution proceedings. Our services include cooperation with historians and searches for ownership documents in support of restitution claims.

We help former owners and their heirs in cases concerning nationalized property and other assets. We take an individual approach to every case, collecting the necessary documentation and thoroughly analyzing all aspects that could affect the outcome of proceedings. We search for documents in Polish as well as foreign archives.

We supplement our restitution practice by providing assistance in matters relating to Polish citizenship and real property in Poland. We conduct cases on the recognition, confirmation and granting of Polish citizenship. Citizenship may be a key factor enabling a client to conduct business within the European Union or to pursue compensation for nationalized property seized from forbears.

We have conducted many restitution cases. We have helped clients recover palaces and manor houses; we have also successfully pursued compensation claims for clients who lost property in Poland’s former eastern provinces (under the so-called zabużańska law), including small farms, vast landed estates and urban property in such cities as L’viv and Vilnius.