About us

Why are we writing about restitution? Because there are very few unbiased and reliable sources of knowledge on this subject, and we want to change this!

Restitution is a broad and difficult issue that encompasses not only legal matters, but also historical, social and even religious aspects. Moreover, Poland lacks a comprehensive law regulating this issue.

We are partners in the law firm JGBS Biernat & Partners. In our everyday work we deal with restitution-related cases. We help clients search for documents, family collections that were nationalized, or cases relating to citizenship.

We familiarize our clients with the entire restitution process, suggesting how to begin looking for decades-old documents and what to do to be able to file compensation claims for nationalized property. We also explain why restitution proceedings are important, from the standpoint of ordinary people as well as the state as a whole.

Łukasz Kossacki-Lytwyn, PhD, History, attorney and partner at the law firm JGBS Biernat & Partners. Specializes in administrative law, cross-border succession proceedings and criminal liability of management board members. Also deals with legal issues overlapping science and industry (research and development).

Patryk Ryszewski, Sandra Błaszczak, lawyer / Legal Assistant at the law firm JGBS Biernat & Partners. She specializes in civil law, including real estate aspects. She advises companies on real estate investments, marketing and business relations. She participates in international projects concerning Polish-Israeli relations.

Our articles on restitution have also appeared in the media:

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Inwestycje.pl: „Wokół ustawy reprywatyzacyjnej” [“Around the restitution law”]

Infor.pl: „Wokół ustawy reprywatyzacyjnej” [“Around the restitution law”]

PortalSamorządowy.pl: „Prawnicy: Ustawa reprywatyzacyjna tworzy kolejne pokolenie wykluczonych” [“Lawyers: The restitution law will create yet another excluded generation”]